Thursday, February 29, 2024

Rockhampton FOGO trial findings key to wider rollout

Rockhampton Regional Council has endorsed a report evaluating its Food and Garden Organics (FOGO) trial which wrapped up in September last year.

Waste and Recycling Councillor, Shane Latcham said the findings were fundamental to developing an organics business case to determine what is needed for a community-wide roll out of the service.

“Evaluating the FOGO trial is a really important step for us to move forward to develop the business case,” Cr Latcham said.

“Through this evaluation we have been able to assess the efficiency, effectiveness, impact, and sustainability of a kerbside organics service and how it would perform when rolled out across the whole of the Rockhampton region.”

A community-wide kerbside organics service is estimated to have the potential to divert over 8,500 tonnes per annum of organic materials currently going to landfill via the general waste bin, Cr Latcham said.

“That’s around a 50% reduction – which is impressive as we work our way toward our goal of zero waste, or 90% being diverted from landfill.”

“Throughout the trial we were very pleased at how the community adapted to the service and we are hoping that with the right support, the rest of the community will adapt just as well, if not even better!

“The findings and lessons learned in this report will be used to inform a business case which will give us a better understanding of the costs and associated with a community-wide roll out.”

Cr Latcham said that while Council develops the business case, further discussions with other levels of government will take place to highlight how the region is supporting State and Federal goals and opportunities to partner together.

“We have demonstrated time and again that great things can happen when all levels of government work together, and a community-wide roll out of FOGO service is key to the shared goal of achieving zero waste,” he said.

Council’s Food and Garden Organics (FOGO) trial was supported by the Queensland Government.

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