Sunday, June 23, 2024

NSW Govt grant to complete master plan for Polo Flat precinct

Snowy Monaro Regional Council has announced the successful receipt of a grant under the NSW Government’s Business Case and Strategy Development fund to help develop a master plan for the Cooma precinct of Polo Flat.

The $227,000 grant will be used to complete the Polo Flat Master Plan and Revitalisation Study, a significant step towards fostering the growth and development of the Polo Flat precinct, Council said in a statement.

“Council has awarded this crucial project to the renowned consultancy firm SMEC, recognised for its expertise in urban planning and strategic development,” it said.

SMEC are partnering with consulting firm SGS on the project, who will complete the market research and economic elements of the work.

The primary objective of the Polo Flat Master Plan and Revitalisation Study is to provide a comprehensive and strategic blueprint for the growth and enhancement of the Polo Flat area. By encompassing planning and economic development considerations, this initiative aims to ensure the sustainable evolution of the precinct over the short (0-5 years), medium (5-10 years), and long term (10+ years), Council said.

“Market analysis will inform strategies to attract new businesses and investment to the precinct. This analysis uses economic trends and market conditions to identify industry niches that Polo Flat can seek to fill. This will allow the Master Plan to align with the evolving economic landscape in the Snowy Monaro.”

“Council is looking forward to collaborating with SMEC and all stakeholders involved in this project to create a vibrant and sustainable future for the Polo Flat precinct. This endeavour aligns with Council’s commitment to fostering economic growth, enhancing infrastructure, and promoting responsible urban planning,” it said.

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