Monday, April 22, 2024

Newcastle rewarded for strategic thinking

City of Newcastle Council’s approach to talent attraction and people-first economic development strategy has been recognised at the 2021 National Economic Development Awards for Excellence.

Council’s recently adopted Economic Development Strategy was shortlisted as a finalist in the ‘Strategic Thinking’ category for its transformative and innovative vision and leadership toward economic development over the coming decade.

The talent attraction and relocation program, New Move was also shortlisted as a finalist in the marketing category for its novel ‘10,000 Reasons’ promotional campaign to incentivise 30 skilled, community-minded individuals to relocate to Newcastle with a $10,000 grant.

“City of Newcastle’s Economic Development Strategy (EDS) sets the vision and provides leadership for Newcastle which will strengthen existing and create new economic opportunities,” Council said in a statement today.

“The EDS acknowledges that the success of the local economy is built on the talent, skills and ingenuity of our people. These skills lead to innovation, creativity and ultimately the formation of new jobs and investment.

“A comprehensive evidence-driven approach led to four priorities areas being identified in the EDS. Two focus on investing in people and ensuring that the population of Newcastle is skilled and innovative. The other two focus on enhancing the foundations of the city, enabling people to create their own opportunities in Newcastle.”

The delivery program provides a suite of opportunities for residents and seeks to attract new talent to the city where needed. The programs are inclusive and, in many cases, targeted to marginalised groups, Council said.

“New Move program recipients play an important role in supporting growth and diversity of the city’s economy with new skills and innovation generating new economic opportunities that stimulate local employment and productivity.”

“Long-term, New Move will raise awareness and reset the perception of Newcastle among networked skilled professionals in metropolitan markets; showcasing the city as an economic hub driven by innovation and skills, supported by a vibrant and eclectic culture with modern infrastructure,” Council said.

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