Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Kiama Council calls for removal of ‘defamatory’ blog

Kiama Council has requested local publisher, The Bugle, remove a blog post relating to the controversial Golden Valley Road development planned for Jamberoo.

Council believes the blog post, written by Jamberoo resident, Graham Pike, to contain a number of serious inaccuracies, and says it is defamatory of Council staff.

“At all times, Council staff have acted within their delegations within the required legal system,” Kiama Council said in a statement.

“The fact is Council has reached an agreement with the developer (Fountaindale Project Management) in the Land and Environment Court. Councillors have been informed of the agreement.”

In the blog post, Mr Pike describes the development as “the damnable staff-forged Golden Valley Road housing subdivision agreement!”.

Land earmarked for the Golden Valley Road development.
A 2018 edition of The Bugle – unrelated to Kiama Council’s claim.

“The staff completely dismissed the provisions of the Jamberoo Development Control Plan in the Kiama Development Control Plan.

“We may as well not have it. The developers will not bulldoze right over the top of the people of the Kiama LGA (and elsewhere in NSW),” he writes.

The Bugle has been following issues related to the Golden Valley Road development, which has faced considerable public opposition, for more than six years.

The Fountaindale Group’s proposed 50-home subdivision was last month approved by the Land and Environment Court – three years after the company first lodged a DA.

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