Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Kiama council advertises three senior roles as part of major PIO-led restructure

Kiama Municipal Council has commenced recruitment for three senior executive roles as it embarks on a major organisational restructure.

The move follows the issuing of a Performance Improvement Order by NSW Local Government Minister, Wendy Tuckerman in November last year. 

Kiama Council CEO, Jane Stroud said the new structure was about “right sizing the Council and creating the operating framework for good public service to the people of the Kiama Municipality”.

“Like every local government, we have our challenges. The good thing about ours is, we know what those challenges are, know the road ahead to sustainability and we are ready to change,” said Ms Stroud.

“The way that the senior executive supports the business, engages with the Councillors and community will be critical as we deliver on the Performance Improvement Order and move through the endorsed decision and processes to divest from aged care services”.

She said the roles have gone out to market due to “a significant change in their scope and responsibilities, which triggers the need for an open, meritorious recruitment process”. 

The advertised positions are:

Until the above roles are appointed, Council’s current Director of Engineering and Works, Director of Environmental Services and Interim Chief Operating Officer – Blue Haven, will each retain their present roles and responsibilities, the CEO confirmed.

“I want to stress that nothing about organisational structure is personal, nor are the changes a reflection on any individual’s performance in their role. Structures are about the design of the business and the grouping of teams and people – we need the right framework to succeed and overcome our challenges,” said Ms Stroud.

“I have the utmost respect for the work everyone does and I’m grateful we have such dedicated staff. Local Government can be a very rewarding environment to work in and I hope that people are drawn to these great leadership roles and consider becoming part of the team that will help transform our business”.

The Local Government Act requires councils to review their organisational structure within 12 months of a Local Government election. The proposed updated structure was presented internally to staff, union representatives and the elected Councillors in early December last year and will continue to drive changes through the business over the coming months.

“We’re starting with our directors and COO, as it’s critical to have the leadership team in place,” said Ms Stroud.

“We’ll also be moving quickly to fill any vacant roles and resource the organisation to deliver.”

She said it was expected that the first stage of the organisation structure will be in place by mid year, with a second stage due to roll out after that.        

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