Friday, April 26, 2024

Ballarat to host circular economy forum

City of Ballarat Council will host an online event on 9 September to launch a program aimed at helping local businesses develop circular economy working models. 

Council says the Circular Ballarat Framework aims to reduce waste while creating raw materials from rubbish that can then be used in manufacturing, rather than a linear “take-make-waste” system.  

It says the Circular Ballarat launch will help businesses: 

  • Understand what a circular economy is;
  • See how other businesses have successfully applied circular economy frameworks;
  • Learn about the Ready Set Grow Circular Program to be delivered by Runway Ballarat; 
  • Find out about Ballarat’s circular economy networks and forums.

Three new initiatives to help Ballarat businesses create circular economy frameworks will also be outlined including: 

  • ASPIRE – an online marketplace for businesses to buy, sell or exchange waste and commodities. This is available for most Ballarat businesses for free until July 2022; 
  • Ready, Set, Grow Circular – a business development program designed to help cast a circular lens over businesses; 
  • Materials Flow Analysis – a detailed regional material flows analysis to better understand what resources are used in our economy, where they are sourced, what they are used for, where they are consumed and how businesses manage their waste. This project is supported by the Recycling Victoria Councils Fund, delivered by Sustainability Victoria on behalf of the Victorian Government. 

With City of Ballarat Chief Executive Officer Evan King to MC, the Circular Ballarat launch and keynote speakers to include: 

  • City of Ballarat Mayor Cr Daniel Moloney, who will speak about the Circular Ballarat Framework program and priorities; 
  • Circular Economy Victoria CEO Sean Trewick, who is an industrial engineer and community organiser. He has worked to build people focused strategies and lean driven operations for SME’s, multinationals and community groups in both Africa and Australia;
  • SECOS Group CEO Ian Stacey – SECOS is a leading sustainable packaging materials developer and manufacturer, including providing biodegradable and compostable resins, packaging products and high-quality cast films to a blue-chip global customer base;  
  • Sustainability Victoria Director Regions & Partnerships Alicia Darvall, who is an innovative leader focused on building collaborative partnerships, bridging cultures, sectors and world views. She will present on the Circular Economy Business Information Centre and available business grants. 

Cr Moloney said the launch was due to be held at Runway Ballarat, but COVID-19 restrictions had caused the event to now be held online, with bookings through Eventbrite. 

“It is pleasing that more than 200 people have already registered for this event which shows the keen interest Ballarat businesses are taking in sustainability,” Cr Moloney said. 

“We want to help businesses find the best way to create a circular business and we are introducing three different initiatives we believe will allow them to reduce their waste while creating raw materials for use by other producers.  

“It will help them to “re-think, make and re-use” which is the Circular Ballarat motto.” 

For more information on Circular Ballarat or these projects, go to  

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