Thursday, June 20, 2024

Voting now compulsory for Tasmanian LG elections

Voting in local government elections is now compulsory in Tasmania.

With the passing of the third reading of the Local Government Amendment (Elections) Bill 2022 in the Legislative Council, voting will now be compulsory at the local council elections in September and October this year, said Tasmanian Minister for Local Government, Nic Street.

“As a former elected member of Kingborough Council, I understand the importance and value of the decisions made by local councils,” said Minister Street.

“These decisions are just as important as those made at State and Federal Government level and in many cases they impact the day-to-day lives of Tasmanian residents a lot more.”

By making voting compulsory, we will lift community’s perception of local government and its importance by bringing local council elections into line with State and Federal elections, the Minister said.

“We also want to lift the community’s engagement with the local government sector, and I am confident the passing of this legislation will do that.”

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