Friday, June 21, 2024

Ulladulla centre switches on to solar


The daytime electricity needs of the Ulladulla Civic Centre and library are now almost entirely met through a rooftop solar system thanks to the installation of 210 solar panels by Shoalhaven City Council.  

The building has been upgraded under Council’s Revolving Energy Fund to make it more energy efficient and ensure electricity needs are met by clean, renewable energy. 

Mayor, Amanda Findley said Council was committed to a target of achieving net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2035. 

“Making the switch to solar energy is one of the fastest ways that we can reduce emissions and help to protect our planet for future generations,” said Mayor Findley. 

“The high wattage panels we’ve installed in Ulladulla take advantage of the building’s large roof space, with anti-corrosion technology making them perfect for the coast.

“These upgrades will save around 129 tonnes of annual CO2 equivalent emissions, that’s the equivalent of taking about 30 cars off the road every year.” 

The upgrade includes: 

  • 210 premium solar panels making up a 99.75kW system;
  • New energy efficient LED lighting;
  • 110kW inverter (the device that turns energy from the solar panels into usable power) with the potential to support additional solar panels and battery technology in the future. 

The Ulladulla energy and rooftop solar upgrade follows the installation of Shoalhaven Water’s largest solar system at its Nowra Wastewater Treatment Plant in 2021.

The ground-mounted solar array is comprised of 250 solar panels and offsets the plant’s electricity needs during the daytime with renewable energy. 

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