Sunday, May 26, 2024

Trees return to Woorndoo Avenue of Honour

Eight trees have been replanted by the community at the Woorndoo Avenue of Honour as part of a planting day hosted by Moyne Shire Council.

Grevillea Robusta – commonly referred to as Silky Oaks – were planted to replace Monterey Cypress trees removed in 2021 after a Council assessment showed they had reached the end of their life.

A total of 50 trees have been planted to replace the original Cypress Avenue of Honour.

Local Woorndoo service personnel were also acknowledged, with community members
submitting stories of service which are on Council’s website and can be accessed via QR Code on interpretive signage to be installed in the avenue.

Moyne Shire Council Mayor, Ian Smith said it is important to restore the avenue to its former glory as it was a significant historic memorial.

“The original Cypress avenue was a major feature of the Woorndoo township. The new trees continue the story of the community coming together in support and memory of service personnel,” the Mayor said.

“Replacing the trees means that our current and future generations will remember the men and women who gave their service for others over 100 years ago. This replanting continues their legacy for another 100 years.”

Councillor Smith also thanked the Quail and Blake families who generously sponsored a tree, with members of the Blake family attending on the day to commemorate their father, Ronald Blake, who served in the second world war.

“It was a wonderful day and we thank and acknowledge the support of the Woorndoo
Community Group, the wider Woorndoo community and TILT Renewables for their support and contribution to the project.”

The tree replacement project was undertaken as a result of the development of the Woorndoo Township Plan 2019 and findings and recommendations contained in the Woorndoo Heritage Assessment Report, which note the local significance of the Woorndoo Avenue of Honour.

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