Friday, July 8, 2022

Strathbogie rebranding signals community confusion

Victoria’s Shire of Strathbogie Council has unveiled a new look.

A new corporate brand was adopted by Council at its meeting this week, prompting some confusion among local residents.

“We can see there is some confusion in our community about the corporate brand adopted at Tuesday night’s Council meeting,” Council said in a statement today.

“It’s an update, refresh or renewal of our current brand. You’ll see us stop using the boxes and instead using a stronger style font that better represents the rivers and ranges of Strathbogie Shire.”

Council said the new look branding had been produced in-house.

“The $60,000 in the current budget is for updated town entry signage, not branding, and would have been spent to upgrade signage with either corporate logo,” Council said.

“It does not replace the VC signage, or the beautiful community signage you see throughout our municipality.”

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