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Port Phillip Mayor’s bold bid to woo Taylor Swift to St Kilda festival

City of Port Phillip Mayor, Heather Cunsolo, has issued a personal invitation to the world’s biggest pop music star, Taylor Swift, to attend the St Kilda Festival when she visits Victoria this week.

In a video invitation and a public letter published today in a Melbourne newspaper, Mayor Cunsolo used more than a dozen Taylor Swift song references in a heartfelt bid to entice the music superstar to attend the local event.

“St Kilda Festival has a REPUTATION as the biggest free live music festival in Australia! Maybe it’s a coincidence or maybe it’s KARMA – either way, there is a big LOVE STORY between our community and our Festival, and we’d love for you to be a part of it,” the Mayor wrote.

“We would like to formally invite you to come and visit our GORGEOUS St Kilda Foreshore and meet the MASTERMINDs planning and performing at this amazing Festival.”

The St Kilda Festival will take place on the same weekend as Swift’s Eras Tour concerts at the MCG which take place over three nights on 16-18 February.

City of Port Phillip Mayor, Heather Cunsolo in the video invitation to Taylor Swift.

“There will be no BAD BLOOD if you can’t come, but it would fulfill our WILDEST DREAMS if you could see how incredible this music Festival is for the Melbourne community. I know ALL TOO WELL how busy that weekend will be for you, but we are all so excited at the prospect of our two music events being held on the same weekend, so THIS IS ME TRYING,” said Mayor Cunsolo.

“When I think of this year’s Festival and your concert, my fellow Councillors have told me I NEED TO CALM DOWN – but why should I, when Melbourne will be the music capital of the world that weekend in February?

“If TODAY WAS A FAIRYTALE, imagine what the St Kilda Festival weekend could be with your visit. There’s a ticket with a BLANK SPACE here – SPEAK NOW and I’ll write your name!”

It remains to be seen if Swift will shake it off or be enchanted by the Port Phillip Mayor’s bold invitation.

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