Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Newcastle charges up EV infrastructure deal

City of Newcastle Council and Ausgrid have partnered with EV infrastructure company, EVX, to bring long-dwell EV chargers to the city’s streets.

The first EVX dual charger will be deployed in Newcastle’s iconic beachside suburb, Mereweather, at the Dixon Park parking area, with the new kerbside infrastructure providing EV drivers with a new and more convenient way to charge up.

“This is essential community infrastructure for the future, and we are so excited that this partnership is off the ground,” said EVX CEO, Andrew Forster.

“The project will make EV charging more accessible and affordable for both residents and visitors to Newcastle while contributing to the battle against climate change.”

EVX uses cutting-edge technology in its long-dwell (where EVs are parked for at least 1-2 hours) chargers, giving drivers access to infrastructure that is crucial to promoting and accelerating the adoption of electric vehicles, said Mr Forster.

The technology makes it easier and more convenient for people to charge their vehicles using 100 per cent green energy, he said.

The EVX chargers have a low impact on the local electricity grid infrastructure by utilising AC charging with smart charging capability. EVX’s chargers are built on pre-existing (utility pole) infrastructure, which means the above-ground charging points are easily added without the need for major civil works.

Ausgrid’s Chief Executive Officer, Richard Gross said the company was incredibly excited to be delivering the innovative Australian-first with the City of Newcastle and EVX.

“These pole-mounted chargers will help address EV accessibility by providing chargers for people without home systems, and those travelling outside of their local areas,” he said.

Mr Forster said working with EVX will allow the Council to increase the number of available charging points whilst future-proofing infrastructure and generating a long-term revenue stream.

“EV ownership might be on the rise, but many communities are at risk of being excluded because of limited access to charging infrastructure. We hope that other Councils take note of how they can help EV drivers charge their vehicles more conveniently while doing their bit towards the goal of decarbonising the planet,” he said.

“Providing equal access to affordable EV charging across the country is essential.”

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