Tuesday, May 28, 2024

New sand for Old Bar


Sand replenishment works will occur at locations along the beach at Manning Point and Old Bar in May, Mid Coast Council has announced.

Council says beach scraping will move sand to better protect the beach from erosion events.

Works will start in Manning Point in early May then move on to Old Bar. The works are expected to take five weeks to complete, weather permitting.

“Sand scraping is an interim coastal management option. Sand is shifted from the intertidal zone, between high and low tide, and placed against the eroded dune line,” Council said in a statement.

“The works add to the existing sand buffer. It will be eroded by the ocean, protecting the existing coastline on a temporary basis.

“This short term solution aims to protect community assets as well as beach amenity.”

Beach access tracks, car parks, nature reserves, important habitat, roads, stormwater outlets, sewer and water services are protected through sand replenishment, the Council said.

The works will build upon two successful Council campaigns, first implemented in 2018.

Council is developing a Coastal Management Program for Manning Point/Old Bar Beach. The Program will assess and recommend a range of options to manage coastal erosion.

The sand replenishment works are jointly funded through a grant from the NSW Government’s Coastal and Estuary Management Program, with matching funding provided by MidCoast Council.

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