Friday, March 1, 2024

Logan aims for inclusion in UN quality-of-life pilot

City of Logan Council Mayor, Darren Power, has announced he will write to the United Nations to express the City’s interest in being part of a new global quality-of-life initiative.

Eight cities from around the world will be chosen to participate in a three-year pilot program that begins in January.

The pilot will be steered by UN-Habitat, a United Nations program that promotes socially and environmentally sustainable urban development with the goal of achieving adequate shelter for all.

A range of factors in each chosen city will be measured with the aim of combining benchmarked data to create a performance monitoring tool for local and regional governments to be known as the global Quality of Life Index.

The Mayor’s letter follows more than six months of active engagement between Logan City Council and representatives of UN-Habitat.

Mayor Power said the City’s multicultural roots, as a home to people from more than 234 cultures, has been emphasised strongly during discussions.

He said UN-Habitat’s objective of making cities and towns across the world safer, more inclusive, resilient and sustainable aligned closely with Council’s city vision and planning.

“Our multicultural diversity, combined with our youthful demographic profile and high rate of population growth presents a range of challenges and opportunities that must be faced with determination and empathy.”

“While we look forward with great optimism towards the future, including our role as part of the 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games, we are determined to ensure our community shares equally in these future opportunities.

“We want our residents to say with confidence that their elected representatives have kept them, and their quality of life, at the forefront of decision-making at all times.

“We see internal and external benchmarking as a critical tool in directing our efforts and investment, and for that reason I believe the City of Logan would be perfect to participate as one of eight pilot cities in the UN’s Quality of Life initiative,” said Mayor Power.

He said participating in the pilot program – and eventually the index – would provide unprecedented guidance for Council in making future policy and investment decisions that improve the quality of life for Logan residents.

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