Thursday, April 25, 2024

LGNSW ‘battleplan’ to aid jobs recovery

Local Government NSW (LGNSW) has launched a new locally-led jobs plan, calling for stronger partnerships between State, Federal and local governments to drive a strong employment and economic recovery for NSW.

LGNSW President, Linda Scott said the launch of the “battleplan” for NSW local communities had local governments at its heart, as “councils have the strongest proven track record of creating jobs to support local communities”.

“As the preferred partner for State and Federal governments, each day councils are demonstrating our ability to respond fast and effectively to support NSW communities by creating jobs,” Cr Scott said.

“This strong partnership approach has driven home a powerful lesson: when councils are empowered with the support they need, they well and truly deliver jobs and economic leadership in every corner of our great state – from Barangaroo to Broken Hill.

“Throughout COVID, councils averted the risk of significant local job losses in their communities, showing that in partnership with Federal and State governments they could create new jobs.

“With the launch of our NSW Locally Led Jobs Plan, we want to build on this success and launch more local jobs for NSW into the future.”

The plan calls for State and Federal partnerships with councils right across NSW to support jobs growth.

“No level of government is closer to their community than local government. Councils know where jobs need to be created, and can support their communities to do so,” Cr Scott said.

“Local governments drive a dollar further than any other level of government, and our initiatives make a real difference and foster job creation.

“As the preferred partner of State and Federal governments, we hope they share our vision and support councils to create quality new jobs across NSW.”

This article first appeared in LGNSW News.

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