Thursday, May 30, 2024

Kiama shows off 3D future CBD

Kiama Municipal Council has released an interactive 3D model of the town’s current and potential future CBD.

Showing the existing buildings and major features of the CBD, the 3D map provides overlays of the possible future town centre, with a review of the Kiama Town Centre Development Control Plan currently being considered.

“The model has been released today to align with the finalisation of the Council report about the Development Control Plan (DCP) Review,” said Director Environmental Services, Jessica Rippon.

At next Tuesday’s council meeting, Councillors will consider a report on the DCP and the outcomes from the community consultation that was undertaken by the Strategic Planning Team.

“We were keen to help the community understand from a visual perspective what the proposed changes in height and controls that are contained in the draft document, would look like in the future,” said Ms Rippon.

“Strategic plans and controls are often difficult to visualise when just in words in a document. Having an interactive model which shows these proposed changes really assists in helping to explain what is intended in these documents.”

The model shows bulk and scale, rather than individual design, and you can move through the streets to gain an understanding of what is existing and what the report proposes, she said.

“We also wanted to advise the community that there have been some changes made to the DCP as a result of the feedback we received from the community. This model helps to show these changes in a visual form.”

The model will be used in the assessment of future development applications and for future community engagement processes, said Ms Rippon.

The report to Council recommends maintaining the existing height of 11 metres in much of the town centre and instead increasing height only within certain areas which include:

  • The southern side of Terralong Street, between Thomson Street and Collins Street
  • Parts of Kiama Centrepoint Shopping Mall
  • The Akuna Street strategic site

The full report on the DCP, including all recommendations, is also available from Council’s website:

View the 3D maps at:

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