Sunday, June 23, 2024

Kempsey council lifts water restrictions

Residents and visitors to Kempsey have been praised and thanked for their vigilance in saving water as water restrictions are lifted after four months.

On the back of continued rainfall across the Macleay, Kempsey Shire Council will end water restrictions from today.

Strong flows have been recorded in the Macleay River for a number of weeks which has enabled Council staff to raise the levels in the Steuart McIntyre Dam, the Council said in a statement.

The dam achieved the key 85% capacity over last weekend and since that time reports have confirmed that the river flow and water consumption are at levels that indicate a sustainable end to restrictions.

Council’s General Manager, Craig Milburn praised the community for their efforts to save water while asking residents to continue their water conservation habits.

“We wouldn’t have been able to lift the restrictions this week without the community’s commitment and cooperation,” said Mr Milburn.

“Despite the restrictions being lifted in our shire, water remains our most precious asset and we will always need this community to treat it as such. Saving water is part of our lives now. For Council that means constant work to improve water supply and infrastructure.”

Over the coming weeks, Council will release information on how facilities impacted by water restrictions, such as water filling stations, will work moving forward.

“Council encourages residents and businesses to continue to be mindful of their water usage in and around the home and workplace and to practice water saving efforts.”

For water saving tips go to Council’s website at

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