Thursday, April 25, 2024

Hume council “dismayed” by Bulla decision

Hume City Council says it is dismayed that Bulla has been selected as the location to store contaminated spoil from the West Gate Tunnel Project.

Hume Mayor, Joseph Haweil said Council had been given no advance notice of the decision to select the Hi Quality site in Sunbury Road.

“The selection of the Bulla site by Transurban, John Holland and CPB Contractors, and ultimately the Victorian Government, has failed in listening and understanding the concerns of Council and the community,” the Mayor said.

“Council does not support the decision.

“We share our community’s uncertainty around personal health and wellbeing and the potential impacts on the local environment.

“Let alone the significant increase in safety concerns regarding traffic that will add further pressure to a road network already under strain and in need of urgent upgrades.

“We have real safety concerns about allowing hundreds of extra trucks that will be on local roads and potentially crossing the narrow, dangerous and heritage bridge at Bulla.”

Hume City Council commenced legal action in May 2021 to initiate judicial review proceedings to examine the decision by the Minister for Planning to amend the Hume Planning Scheme.

Mayor Haweil said there had been no process for Council or officers to provide input into the decision or to further advance Council’s objection to the proposal since submitting a response to the proposed amendment in September 2020.  

“While we maintain our firm and longstanding opposition to the proposal, the Victorian Government now needs to detail what immediate funding measures it will take to address the infrastructure requirements of a region that is already buckling under the pressure of major residential growth,” he said.

“This Hi Quality site is near where the Victorian Government recently approved residential development in Sunbury South, and concerningly backs onto Emu Creek.”

He said Council would continue to “explore all of its options”.

“We cannot be clearer; we do not support the spoil coming to Bulla,” the Mayor concluded.

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