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Hobart to fast-track urban forest

Hobart is set to become one of the nation’s greenest cities under a new project that will fast-track the city’s Urban Street Tree Strategy.

City of Hobart Council’s new Our City Canopy project is the brainchild of philanthropist couple, Douglas and Jenny Armati (pictured), who want to leave a lasting legacy by accelerating the City of Hobart’s goal of creating an urban tree canopy across 40% of the city by 2046.

“Planting trees has been a lifelong passion for myself and my wife Jenny, and by backing this new tree planting project through a special Trees for the Future Fund we are turning a personal passion into something much bigger than ourselves, something that will benefit the people of Hobart long after we are gone,” says Mr Armati.

The Armatis say they hope to see Hobart businesses, individuals and other philanthropists back the Our City Canopy project by contributing to the Trees for the Future Fund that underpins the initiative.

“Increasing the number of trees that line our streets, parks and playgrounds will have so many positive impacts for our city and the people who call Hobart home,” Mr Armati said.

“Planting more trees across Hobart will make the city more climate resilient, more beautiful and ensure we have clean city air that is the envy of the world.

“Planting more trees also has real economic benefits by reducing stormwater run-off and the impacts of erosion and floodwater damage on city infrastructure.”

Hobart Lord Mayor, Anna Reynolds welcomed the launch of the Our City Canopy project and applauded the Armati’s leadership role.

“The Our City Canopy project and the fund that underpins it align perfectly with the City of Hobart’s Street Tree Strategy and our ambitious goal of making Hobart one of the greenest cities in Australia,” the Lord Mayor said.

“Trees are vital to a resilient and liveable city, and it is critical that we invest now if we are going to create a city for the future, one that enjoys the many benefits of a healthy, thriving urban forest.”

After global business and art careers, Douglas and Jenny Armati relocated to Tasmania in 2013. Their love of trees inspired them to back the City of Hobart’s 2017 Street Tree Strategy with a bequest and to encourage others to do the same to help accelerate the planting of trees across Hobart’s urban areas.

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