Thursday, May 30, 2024

Hobart puts brakes on CBD

The speed limit in Hobart’s CBD will be reduced to 40km/h from next week as part of a safety initiative for the city centre.

“This will help create a safer city for everyone, especially in areas where there are lots of people walking around, getting in and out of cars and pulling out of car parks,’ Hobart Council said in a statement.

“With school about to go back, there will also be students hopping on and off of buses and walking around the city at peak times – another reason to slow down and put safety first.”

The speed limit on Macquarie and Davey streets won’t change and the existing 30km/h zones will also remain.

“The City of Hobart is working to improve the quality, experience and safety of its commercial, retail and urban areas,” Council said.

“Speed management is a key factor in improving the safety and experience of all road users. Great cities and liveable urban environments around the world are created by focusing on people. “

Council obtained approval from the Transport Commissioner to change the CBD speed limit.

The Hobart CBD will become a 40 km/h zone on 1 February 2021. Macquarie and Davey streets will remain unchanged, as will streets that have an existing speed limit of below 40km/h.

Council said it will make a further application at a later date to implement 40km/h zones to improve safety in key suburban retail precinct areas.

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