Thursday, May 30, 2024

Green light for service station revamp

A controversial redevelopment of one of the Moreton Bay Region’s most iconic local businesses has been given the green light by Council.

Initial plans to redesign the 1928-built D’Aguilar Service Station with a new ultra-modern look were panned by community members, who wanted any revamp to embrace the building’s heritage value.

“While the old shop can’t be saved, the new fuel station has retained the traditional character of the old store while improving safety and access for patrons,” Council said in a statement following the design approval.

“Customers will be able to drive into the fuel station and fuel up from one of eight new fuel bowsers. There are also several parking spots available to make shopping or dining easier. The aim is to allow more people to use the facilities as previously only street parking was available.”

Moreton Bay Mayor, Peter Flannery praised developer, CDC Developments, for listening to the community and understanding their fondness for the existing D’Aguilar Corner Store building.

“While the D’Aguilar Corner Store is not listed on the State or Local Heritage Registers, it has a place in the heart of the community who really want to see some of the original building characteristics maintained,” Mayor Flannery said.

Community members protest the redevelopment of the service station (Photo: Facebook).

“CDC Developments initially proposed a very flash, modern design for the new fuel station which raised concerns from local people who felt demolishing the old general store might erode the heritage values of the town.

“Taking on community feedback, CDC Developments went back to the drawing board and came up with a building that maintains the character of the old corner store.

“The developer has done a great job of combining a fit-for-purpose design without sacrificing the look and feel of the original 1928 building.

“I really hope the community appreciates the efforts of the developer to maintain the D’Aguilar Store’s ‘olde worlde’ character while providing a much-needed, expanded service station, car wash, general store and food outlet on the site.”

Councillor Tony Latter (Division 12) acknowledged that the D’Aguilar corner store, which has stood on the corner of Wood St and the D’Aguilar Highway northwest of Brisbane since 1928, has a rich history.

“We know the community has strong feelings about keeping the heritage look and feel of their much-loved, old building which has seen the township grow up around it over the past 100 years,” he said.

 “Moreton Bay Council received 17 submissions from the community asking us to consider the heritage value of the original building.

“While keeping the old building was not a viable option, I’m really pleased that CDC Developments was open to incorporating heritage features into their architectural design and re-designed the entire development following community feedback.

“It’s important that Council’s processes are transparent and allow community members to have their say.”

He said the existing servo and shop will make way for a “modern interpretation” of the old general store, but will also be expanded to house complementary retail tenancies, attracting new businesses to the township.

Councillor Latter said it would be interesting to see the completed building and mural planned for the Mount Mee Road frontage and the new landscaping.

“The developer is working with Woodford Historical Society to commission a heritage mural which will be a striking feature for locals and visitors as they drive up to the new service station and shops,” he said.

“Building a brand-new facility on the original site will provide a great amenity for grey nomads passing through on their way to Kilcoy, and motorcyclists coming off the popular Mt Mee route. This will also go a long way in making Woodford an RV friendly town, another boost for our local community.

“According to the Campervan and Motorhome Club of Australia (CMCA), there are about 620,000 RVs in Australia whose owners spend around $770 a week in the towns they visit. Given how slow business has been with COVID and flooding it would be great to see RV travellers stop, stay and spend in D’Aguilar.”

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