Monday, April 22, 2024

Fremantle Council approves new precinct

A proposal for a major new residential and arts precinct in Fremantle’s East End has been recommended for approval by Fremantle Council’s planning committee.

The state government, through the Department of Communities and Development WA, is proposing to transform a vacant 1.4 hectare site on Burt Street into a high-quality residential destination, featuring five new buildings.

It includes 272 apartments, two restaurants, a gym, arts studio and performing arts centre.

Fremantle Mayor, Hannah Fitzhardinge said the Burt Street project was a very important development for Fremantle.

“For a long time we’ve been highlighting the importance of having more diverse and affordable housing in Fremantle, and also our desire to have more people living close to the city centre, so we’re delighted the state government is moving forward with this project,” Mayor Fitzhardinge said.

“The Burt Street site is ideally located close to Fremantle Arts Centre, John Curtin College of the Arts and Fremantle Leisure Centre, and just a short distance from the city centre, harbour and public transport.

“This development will provide affordable housing for hundreds of people, who will in turn support Fremantle businesses and the local economy.

“We look forward to continuing to work with the government to address the parking issues at the site to ensure the impact on neighbouring residents is minimised.”

Because the development is classified as public works it is exempt from the City of Fremantle’s Local Planning Scheme, but the proposal was referred to the City for comment.

Fremantle Council’s Planning Committee voted to advise the WA Planning Commission that it supported the proposed development, subject to a contribution from the Department of Communities towards the provision of more public parking in the area.

The committee also requested the height of one of the buildings be decreased to reduce the impact of the Skinner Street frontage, and that the Department be required to demonstrate how it intends to deliver the mix of affordable and public housing as defined in the Memorandum of Understanding between the City and the Housing Authority signed in 2015.

The committee requested the Joint Development Assessment Panel defer its decision on the development until these issues were resolved.  

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