Monday, April 22, 2024

Fraser Coast ratepayers bear asbestos cleanup cost

Fraser Coast ratepayers have been left thousands of dollars out of pocket after Council organised an urgent clean-up of illegally dumped asbestos at the Nikenbah transfer station last week.

Councillor David Lee said there were strict safety procedures to be followed to dispose of asbestos, and the Saltwater Creek Road landfill in Maryborough was the only Fraser Coast waste facility that accepted asbestos waste.

“Council staff were alarmed to discover this week that someone had dumped asbestos in the steel pile and the builders’ waste area at the Nikenbah transfer station,” he said.

“That’s not just lazy, it’s downright dangerous as asbestos is a hazardous waste which needs to be handled and transported in a safe and legal manner.

“Staff immediately implemented our Workplace Health and Safety measures to ensure they, and people using the facility, were safe.

“The back section of the transfer station had to be shut down and an immediate clean up organised to ensure the health and safety of both staff and customers using the Nikenbah transfer station.”

As part of an investigation into the incident, Council is reviewing CCTV footage of people who attended the facility in the lead up to the discovery of the asbestos.

The Fines for dumping asbestos range from $2669 for an individual to $10,008 for a corporation.

Information on the safe disposal of Asbestos is available under the Fact Sheet link on the home page of the Council website

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