Friday, June 21, 2024

Fairfield to upgrade important local cultural heritage site

Fairfield City Council has announced it will spend more than $700,000 upgrading an important local cultural heritage site.

“Recognising our cultural heritage is important because it has made us who we are today. Our parents, grandparents and those before them worked hard for a better future for their families and our City,” the Council said in a statement.

Council says the open space on The Crescent at Fairfield rail and taxi interchange was set aside many years ago to recognise the many immigrant groups and people who had made a contribution to the local community.

“With the upgrade, we will be able to continue to recognise this history for many generations to come,” it said.

The works will involve tree planting, seating, wider paths and new paving for commuters and shoppers to enjoy.

Council will also restore the significant cultural monuments that were built here – the PJ Friend clock erected in 1958, the Stimson Memorial drinking fountain built in 1935 and also the Fairfield International Monument.

“The International Monument came to fruition through a design competition run by Council in 1968. It was paid for by the Fairfield Multicultural Society, who raised $20,000 to build it. It recognises all the immigrants at that time, mostly from Europe, who had come here to live and work,” said Mayor, Frank Carbone.

“As time has passed we have continued to recognise all our communities. We now have monuments such as the People’s Globe at Fairfield Showground and various monuments at Cabramatta.

“We preserve these monuments to make sure future generations continue to recognise those who came to our City from all around the world and called it home – they are our heritage and history and played a part to make our City a great place to live and raise a family.

“I look forward to opening The Crescent site very soon sometime in April and I look forward to the community enjoying this space again but also ensuring they can connect with our past communities in the Fairfield City Centre,” the Mayor said.

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