Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Fairfield makes switch to LED

Fairfield City Council is partnering with Endeavour Energy to replace all inefficient street light bulbs across the city with LEDs to reduce energy use, emissions and operating costs.

By switching to LEDs, Fairfield City Mayor Frank Carbone says Council will see savings of more than $200,000 a year in energy costs which will be passed on to ratepayers, as well as benefits such as:

• reduced maintenance costs as LEDs have a longer life;
• built-in smart technology that alerts to faults;
• better sustainability with lower carbon emissions;
• brighter and higher quality lighting improving public safety.

Mayor Carbone said Council was determined to take decisive action when it comes to energy efficiency.

“We are the one of the first councils to partner with Endeavour Energy to convert all streetlights to LED, which will improve energy efficiency and reduce emissions considerably in our City.”

“Currently Fairfield has more than 15,300 street lights, with more than 12,600 or 82% of them still using inefficient bulbs, so this will be a significant but necessary rollout across the LGA.

“Investing in the replacement of all inefficient street light bulbs at once will mean we will start seeing energy cost savings and environmental benefits immediately, plus the whole LGA will be fitted out with better lighting and safety,” he said.

Endeavour Energy aims to complete the street light conversion within three months.

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