Monday, June 17, 2024

City of Sydney strikes new park deal

The NSW Government has today announced plans to transform part of Moore Park Golf Course in the heart of Sydney into a new thriving public park.

Moore Park Golf Course currently sits on 45 hectares of public land. The land has been operated as a golf course under successive service agreements with the NSW Government.

The current operating agreement expires in June 2026. The NSW Government is intending to repurpose up to 20 hectares of the golf course into a new central park.

Premier, Chris Minns said it was time the central green space shifted from being used only as a public golf course accessible only to paying golfers into parkland that supports the growing city.

“Over the past century, Sydney has changed significantly. When the golf course was first established, the surrounding areas were largely industrial lands,” said Mr Minns.

“Significant urban regeneration has seen housing density around Green Square and Zetland transform industrial land into a vibrant community.

“As we work to tackle the housing crisis facing NSW by building up, we know that delivering public infrastructure including parks is more important than ever before.

“There is huge demand from residents in the city for a variety of community sporting facilities in the city’s inner south, and with further density planned this will only grow.”

An artist’s impression of the new park.

The Government will commence public consultations with the City of Sydney Council, local community, and stakeholders on how best to revitalise this public asset including for the use of community sport, the Premier said.

A discussion paper will be released in early 2024 to guide this consultation, including consultation with the current operator of Moore Park Golf Course on the future of the remaining holes and the operation of the clubhouse and driving range.

City of Sydney Lord Mayor, Clover Moore said today’s announcement was a huge win for the community.

“For the thousands of people in or moving into apartments in the Green Square urban renewal area, Moore Park is their back yard,” she said.

“Soon the fences will be brought down and this large and growing community invited to enjoy the beautiful parkland freely.”

The Lord Mayor said Sydney had changed since public land at Moore Park was allocated for a golf course in 1913.

“The surrounding land was predominantly industrial, now it neighbours one of the most densely-populated residential communities in Australia – the sort of density that is crucial if we are to address the housing crisis.”

Map of the proposed park.

“In the face of increasing need for public open space, we asked the Government: Is an 18 hole golf course still the best use of inner city public land? That question is fundamentally one of equity and putting our public land to its best use in the community interest.

“The Government has accepted our proposal to convert the course from 18 holes to 9, retaining the larger area of land for golf, the clubhouse, depots, parking and popular driving range, and returning up to 20 hectares of land to Moore Park for public recreation.

“So I thank and congratulate the Premier – it is imperative for growing, densely-populated communities to have access to open space with parkland and this will really help.”

The NSW Government will also commence discussions with the City of Sydney on a memorandum of understanding on ongoing maintenance of the new park.

“We’ve always said were focused on increasing housing with supporting infrastructure – today’s announcement is a great start, that’s why we have committed $2.2 billion in enabling infrastructure in the Budget,” said Minister for Planning and Public Spaces, Paul Scully.

“This land is part of Sydney’s backyard. We can repurpose this area as public open space while retaining a golf course and driving range.

“We know that getting more people into homes closer to the city through increased density, needs to be supported with more open space.

“The communities of Redfern, Waterloo, Green Square and Zetland are crying out for more green space and this change will go a long way to satisfying their needs,” he said.

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