Friday, March 1, 2024

Cataract Gorge pool reopens

The Cataract Gorge’s popular First Basin Swimming Pool has reopened to the public, City of Launceston Council announced today.

Launceston Mayor, Danny Gibson thanked Council crews for their efforts in opening the pool, following repeated flooding in the Cataract Gorge throughout the year.

“We’ve seen the pool inundated a number of times by floodwaters throughout the year and this created a number of challenges in getting the First Basin Swimming Pool open to the public,” Mayor Gibson said.

“We know this particular pool is an extremely popular attraction, and I’m pleased City of Launceston crews have been able to prioritise the work required in order to open the pool ahead of Christmas for the public to enjoy.”

Mayor Gibson encouraged people to swim safely this summer.

“No matter where you swim this summer, be conscious of your safety and the safety of those around you,” he said.

“Remember that alcohol and water never mix. Keep children six years and under within arms’ reach, and actively supervise children under eleven.

“If you’re at a privately-owned pool or a river swimming hole, remember children need constant supervision. Never assume someone else is supervising your children.

“Swimming is an extremely popular past time in Launceston, and we hope everyone dives into a fun and safe summer in the water.”

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