Thursday, December 7, 2023

Canada Bay winning emissions race

The City of Canada Bay Council is racing towards its goal of net zero carbon emissions from Council operations, going beyond its 2025 emissions target two years early.

“I’m pleased to announce that in the 2022-23 financial year we’ve had a 77% reduction in Council’s operational carbon emissions compared with our baseline year (2017-18),” said City of Canada Bay Mayor Angelo Tsirekas.

“This takes us well beyond our mid-term target of a 61% reduction by 2025 – two years ahead of schedule.

“It’s exciting to see Council on track to achieve net zero emissions from Council operations by 2030 and work is continuing with the development of a net zero transition plan for our fleet. Going forward, we’ll also be focused on phasing out gas at Drummoyne Swimming Centre and optimising our solar panel performance.”

Council transitioned to 100% renewable grid electricity in July 2022 and also generates its own electricity from rooftop solar, reducing the amount of electricity it needs to buy from the grid.

“We are always looking for ways to improve the energy efficiency of our facilities and save money at the same time,” said Mayor Tsirekas.

“Since January 2022 we’ve more than doubled the capacity of our rooftop solar, adding 325kW across Five Dock Depot, Concord Oval Recreation Centre, Five Dock Leisure Centre and Cabarita Swimming Centre. This brings Council’s total generation capacity to 572kW.”

Earlier this year, Council also replaced the old gas boiler at Cabarita Swimming Centre with a more energy and cost efficient electric heat pump that will heat the pool water using renewable electricity and is expected to reduce Council’s gas use by 50%.

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