Thursday, February 22, 2024

Burdekin Shire takes aim at feral deer control


Burdekin Shire Council says it is proactively addressing the growing concern of feral deer in the local government area by unveiling a comprehensive Feral Deer Management Plan.

The Council says the initiative is in response to the recent launch of the Queensland Feral Deer Management Strategy (2022-2027) and the National Feral Deer Action Plan (2023-2028) by the Australian Government, which aim to curb the impacts of feral deer in the region.

Mayor, Lyn McLaughlin said feral deer pose a significant threat to the community, environment, and economy.

The Mayor says it is imperative that the issue is strategically addressed.

“The Feral Deer Management Plan reflects Council’s commitment to protect the region’s assets and mitigate the damage caused by these invasive animals.”

“The plan, aligned with both strategies, addresses the expanding deer populations in the Burdekin Shire and neighbouring areas and will aid in reducing the impact of feral deer on the environment, agriculture and communities,” said Mayor McLaughin.

She said the Burdekin Shire Council was committed to enforcing the Biosecurity Act 2014, categorising feral deer as a restricted invasive animal. The Act mandates a general biosecurity obligation (GBO), requiring all community members to minimise the risks associated with invasive animals under their control.

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