Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Brisbane Deputy Mayor slams Greens’ councillor’s ‘rabid’ roads plan

Brisbane Deputy Mayor, Krista Adams has slammed Greens Councillor, Jonathan Sriranganathan, over what she has labelled his “rabid anti-motorist agenda” after he proposed 30km/h speed limits across city streets.

“His latest thought bubble to introduce 30km/h speed limits on local and neighbourhood roads would impact about 90 per cent or more than 14,000 Brisbane streets,” the Deputy Mayor said in a scathing statement this morning.

“This is clearly ridiculous,” she said.

Greens Councillor, Jonathan Sriranganathan.

“Cr Sriranganathan should be apologising for his disgraceful decision last week to publish a how-to guide for breaking and entering.”

Last week, Cr Sriranganathan caused a stir after he appeared to encourage squatting in a social media post, sharing a guide to identifying homes listed as empty on Census night, before adding a disclaimer that he did not endorse illegal activities.

“Instead, the grandstanding Greens councillor has shifted his attack from homeowners to car owners,” the Deputy Mayor said.

Jonathan Sriranganathan’s controversial social media post last week.

Cr Adams said the Council would “strenuously oppose” Cr Sriranganathan’s motion to introduce 30km/h speed limits on local roads across Brisbane.

“While Labor councillors are usually in lockstep with their Green comrade, they should reverse their previous support for 30km/h speed limits and oppose this motion,” she said.

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