Saturday, April 13, 2024

Baw Baw battles back after storm damage

Baw Baw Shire Council says Tuesday’s storm event has taken an enormous toll on residents and towns in the Shire.

“Those who have experienced building damage to their private property are urged to inform Council and we will assess the impact and connect you with relevant services that will be able to assist,” Council said in a statement today.

Council’s phone lines were restored last night, with residents once again able to reach customer service. Council’s Customer Service has also activated its ‘Storm Report Sam’, a chat bot designed to allow residents to speedily notify Council of damage to community assets. Residents can also report storm-related damage via the Snap Send Solve phone.

“Due to the volume of requests, residents are encouraged to use online reporting methods if they can,” Council said.

As of 11am today, Council had received more than 100 phone calls related to the storm and is managing more than 170 requests for assistance, in addition to other business-as-usual requests.

“We are prioritising these requests based on urgency and impact and will work through them as quickly as possible,” it said.

Council officers and contractors are actively working to clear any blocked road across the Shire.

“However, unfortunately, progress is being hindered by the presence of downed power lines.”

“When Council comes across these hazards, the protocol is to report these to Ausnet and close the affected roads for safety reasons.”

Council-run facilities have also experienced damage due to the severe wind and rain, including the Drouin Recreation Reserve and the Trafalgar Recreation Reserve.

Council says it will work with the local clubs to assess the damage and get remedial works underway.  

Council’s outdoor pools in Thorpdale and Trafalgar will also be closed due to power outages.

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