Thursday, April 25, 2024

$18.5m supercomputer logs on at Swinburne

Victorian Minister for Higher Education, Gayle Tierney, today announced the installation of an $18.5 million supercomputer at the Swinburne University of Technology, putting the state at the forefront of space technology, medicine, and environmental research.

The supercomputer has the capacity to analyse and process data a million times faster than standard computers and uses information generated from space- and earth-facing satellites.

“We’re continuing to back our local universities to ensure Victoria remains at the forefront of innovation and to help the sector emerge strongly from the pandemic,” said Minister for Training and Skills, Gayle Tierney.

It allows astronomers to monitor space in unprecedented detail and will also assist researchers in areas including bushfire detection, natural disaster planning and response, neuroscience, cancer detection and defence.

“This supercomputer will ensure Victoria remains at the forefront of research into space, sustainability, medical technology and other disciplines – supporting new discoveries and ways of thinking to create a better world,” said Swinburne University Vice Chancellor and President, Professor Pascale Quester.

The new technology builds on Swinburne University’s research reputation and enhances its existing supercomputer, which was installed in 2017 and is one of Australia’s fastest computers. It has been used for astronomy, oceanography, agriculture, medicine, molecular dynamics and quantum chemistry.

The project will create 65 jobs across data, research and software and 20 PhD positions. There will also be opportunities for 250 students from primary to university level through STEM outreach programs as well as partnership opportunities with industry and start-ups.

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