Sunday, May 26, 2024

100 new homes for Brisbane wildlife

Ducks, parrots, gliders and bats are moving in and calling Sherwood Arboretum home, following the delivery of 100 new nest boxes to the popular riverside park by Brisbane City Council.

Chair for Environment, Parks and Sustainability, Tracey Davis said the nest boxes have already been a hit with the Arboretum’s local wildlife.

“Australia has the most hollow-dependent wildlife in the world, and our nest box program is how we’re supporting sugar gliders, microbats, and all the other wildlife in need of shelter,” Cr Davis said.

“Our duck and large parrot boxes have been particularly popular with each one providing a home to one of the Arboretum’s residents.

“We are committed to delivering a clean, green, sustainable Brisbane, and nest boxes are just one way we’re delivering on this.”

This year’s Council installations focussed on delivering nest boxes for the Arboretum’s ducks, parrots, and gliders.

Nest boxes installed at the Arboretum have been a resounding success with high occupancy rates, with ducks and large parrot boxes reporting a 100% occupancy rate, while medium parrot boxes and sugar glider boxes are at 90%, and microbat, owl and small parrot boxes recording 80% occupancy so far.

The latest milestone is part of a five-year program that will see a total of 160 nest boxes installed at Sherwood Arboretum by 2025, Council said in a statement.

This year the program will focus on installing nest boxes on the Sherwood Lakes islands to enhance their appeal to wildlife.

Council will install nesting areas on the islands for the lakes’ turtle population in addition to using natural materials to create habitats for ground dwelling species.

Cr Davis said Council was delivering real results to preserve and enhance Brisbane’s natural beauty.

“We want to make the Brisbane of tomorrow even better than the Brisbane of today, so I’m proud of the work we are doing to maintain and improve on our sustainability,” she said.

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