Friday, June 21, 2024

Wodonga tree crews go for green

City of Wodonga Council’s tree crew has been hard at work planting hundreds of trees in parks and streets across the city.

Around 2,000 trees are being planted, with a focus on giving the new plants the best possible start by planting in the cool, wet conditions of winter, Council said today.

A further 2,000 shrubs are also set to be planted in reserves, with the help of community groups.

“A mixture of native and exotic trees has been chosen to beautify the city and reduce the impact of climate change. The plantings will also provide shade, reduce pollution, slow storm run-off and increase property values,” Council said.

“The program includes the replacement of damaged or dead street trees, with a focus on adding trees to socially vulnerable areas, avenues and roadsides, and public reserves.”

The council’s tree management plan aims to increase the city’s tree canopy by 15% by 2040.   

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