Thursday, May 30, 2024

Willoughby Council announces new business award

Willoughby City Council has voted to introduce an annual Business Award as part of its streamlined Grants and Awards for the Community program.

“This is in recognition of our local businesses that make a significant contribution to the local economy,” said Mayor Gail Giles-Gidney.

“The aim of the grants program is to support our local services to meet the needs of our diverse Willoughby community.”

She said applying for a grant in the Willoughby City Council area would now be easier than ever, thanks to the integrated approach to the grants application process.

“Consolidating of grants, awards and performing arts subsidies will now make it easier for the Willoughby community to apply.”

The Grants and Awards for the Community Policy is intended to support projects that align directly with Council priorities: A city that is green, connected and inclusive, liveable, prosperous and vibrant.

Priority is given to projects that celebrate diversity, provide access to quality community services and facilities and achieve healthy lifestyles and lifelong learning, as well as support economic growth.

See the Operational Plan and Budget 2021-22 at

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