Friday, July 26, 2024

Whyalla switches on state’s first solar digital mining centre

South Australia’s first solar digital mining centre – which uses renewable power to provide computing power to the blockchain network – is now up and running in Whyalla.

Operated by Lumos Digital Mining, City of Whyalla Council says the 5MW data centre represents hundreds of millions of dollars of investment into the region over the next five years.

“With our recently endorsed Economic Strategy locked in place, we are constantly seeking new opportunities to diversify our economy; in particular renewable-focused businesses that can make use of our abundant sunshine, wind, green energy production and growing national energy infrastructure, so Lumos is the perfect fit for Whyalla,” said Whyalla Mayor, Clare McLaughlin.

“This also builds on our city’s mining focus, now adding data to our existing iron ore industry base, as well as providing yet another career opportunity for our local students to explore. All these facets demonstrate that this private sector investment is helping create and strengthen a sustainable and healthy local economy.”

The mining centre utilises solar power and works with the power grid. An inbuilt intelligent control capability enables the mining computers to ramp up or down operations if the grid has a power shortage.

Lumos selected Whyalla due to its location within a region rich in renewable project resources, an existing electrical infrastructure capable of handling hundreds of megawatts of connection, access to a local skilled workforce, and supportive local government.

“We aim to build the most prominent renewable digital mining business in Australia by utilising thriving sustainable energy resources,” said Lumos Digital Mining CEO, Dong Wang.

“There is a rapid growth in demand for digital mining in Europe and the USA. We came to South Australia because it has traditionally been a strong adopter of new technologies and digital innovation and the state is rich in renewable energy generation.”

The digital mining centre will employ over 30 people when fully operational, including electricians, engineers, IT and network infrastructure, data centre operators and onsite technicians.

“It is pleasing to see more national companies investing in Whyalla, and in turn investing in the local workforce,” said SA Minister for Trade and Investment, Nick Champion.

“Whyalla is an important economic contributor to our State, and has huge potential to grow – attracting industries of the future.”

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