Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Western Sydney councils applaud $1.9m infrastructure pledge

The Western Sydney Regional Organisation of Councils (WSROC) has welcomed the Federal Government’s announcement of a $1.9 billion investment boost to infrastructure projects in the region.

The Western Sydney region includes 13 local council areas covering 8,982 square kilometres, and is home to 2.7 million people.

“The Federal Government’s commitment to funding infrastructure on that scale acknowledges the importance of Western Sydney as the fastest growing region in Australia and demonstrates the benefits of inter-governmental partnerships,” said WSROC President, Councillor Barry Calvert.

“Continued investment in the region by both the federal and state governments, working alongside local councils, will not only improve the quality of life for Western Sydney families but will create new jobs arising from development opportunities around the Western Sydney International Airport precinct.

The new $1.9 billion in Federal funding includes:

  • A $500 million investment in Mamre Road Stage 2 (added to the $253.6 million allocated by the NSW Government for Stage 1 of the project);
  • A $400 million investment to deliver priority sections of Elizabeth Drive upgrade. This builds on the NSW Government’s $200 million commitment for Elizabeth Drive safety and enabling works;
  • A further $115 million Federal Government commitment for Mulgoa Road Stage 2 will allow the NSW Government to move ahead with upgrades to the pinch point;
  • The new $500 million Federal investment for Richmond Road, Garfield Road and Memorial Avenue will support the NSW Government’s existing $385m commitment;
  • A $100 million Federal investment to deliver new infrastructure to support bus services to the Western Sydney International Airport;
  • A $20 million Federal investment to support the delivery of the final business case for Stage 1 of the Western Sydney Freight Line.

“It is pleasing to also see additional Federal funding to continue such vital projects as Appin Road, Spring Farm Parkway and bus infrastructure for the future Western Sydney International Airport,” said President Calvert.

“The fact that the Federal Government is prepared to commit to investment on such a scale underscores the importance of supporting growth in Western Sydney, which is expected to be home to over four million people by 2041.”

He said joint investments by the NSW and Federal Governments in road and transport projects across the region were especially welcome.

“WSROC’s advocacy is increasingly focused on impressing on all levels of government of the need for and benefits from working in partnership, including with local government.”

“For example, Western Sydney councils are very keen to work with both the Federal and NSW Governments to build greater connectivity around the planned section of the Metro Western Sydney Airport line north to Tallawong and south to Macarthur.

“That section of line has the capacity to have stations at two-kilometre spacings, resulting in 30 new stations supporting communities that could actually accommodate the growth of Western Sydney.”

“Also, a north-south rail link that links Tallawong to St Marys, and an extension to Leppington from Western Sydney international Airport.

“We are calling on the Federal and NSW Governments to at least fund business cases for such projects and to show further top-level strategic commitment in that space,” said President Calvert.

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