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Warrnambool youth council posts for mental health

Warrnambool City Youth Council has launched an exciting mental health campaign to coincide with National Mental Health Month.

The Mental Health Check In campaign will provide Warrnambool secondary school students the opportunity to connect with friends and loved ones across the nation through a series of funky and informative postcards designed by Youth Council members that urge people to ‘Send this to a friend – spread the importance of talking about mental health’.

Funding for the postcard campaign was secured through Warrnambool City Council Youth Services, Warrnambool 21/25 as part of the W2040 Plan, and Beyond the Bell Connect Up.

The Mental Health Week campaign was initially developed in 2018 by the Warrnambool Youth Council in conjunction with a psychologist. 

The campaign was informed by the Biopsychosocial model of mental health that recognises mental health outcomes are the result of multiple factors. 

“As a response, the Youth Council worked with a graphic designer to create posters with the messages: Be Social, Be Playful, Be Kind, Be Yourself, and Just Be,” Council said in a statement today.

“How everyone went about managing those factors changed dramatically in 2020 and the Community Mental Health Check In was set-up to ask how people were managing to Be Social, Be Playful, Be Kind, Be Yourself, and Just Be during the disruption and uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic.”

More than 150 community members took part and the information they shared created the Mental Health Check In, a practical list of ways to look after yourself for good mental health.

“Fast forward to 2021 and since their induction in May 2021, 11 newly elected Warrnambool Youth Council members have been working to redesign and refresh the campaign to respond to the ongoing COVID-19 situation.”

“Youth Council members have worked with a graphic designer and an animator to keep the conversation going through a series of vibrant images and positive messaging that will be circulated through postcards, posters, Warrnambool CBD roundabout banners and the W2040 website raising awareness and stressing the importance of good mental health and well-being through staying connected.”

You can access the Mental Health Check In at

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