Thursday, April 25, 2024

Vote recount request lodged for Kiama election

A vote recount request for Kiama’s Councillor election has been received by the Electoral Commission.

After yesterday’s announcement of the results, there was a 24-hour window for anyone to object and demand a recount.  

Any request for a recount must:

  • be in writing, and
  • be signed by the candidate, and
  • set out the reasons for the request, and
  • be lodged with the Returning Officer within 24 hours of the results being published on the NSW Electoral Commission’s results website.

The recount request is being considered by the Electoral Commissioner. The declaration of results by the returning officer will be delayed until a decision is made by the Electoral Commissioner whether a recount is granted, Kiama Council said in a statement today.

Kiama Council CEO, Jane Stroud said while she was hopeful a decision on the recount would be made soon, she understands that, if agreed, a result may take some time, and may even extend beyond Christmas.

“Recount requests are part of the democratic process, and I can appreciate when the margins are narrow, why a recount is requested,” Ms Stroud said.

“We’re looking forward to welcoming all our new Councillors in the new year, regardless of the recount result. We will keep the community and Councillor candidates updated as we hear more from the Electoral Commission.

“Our swearing-in date is set down for the 11 January 2022, and we will meet this timeframe. While we wait for this decision to be made and for any potential official recount to be complete, we will hold off on issuing our welcoming letter and induction packs to the our candidates until we know the results for certain,” she said.

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