Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Townsville’s bold boulder plan to deter illegal dumping

Townsville City Council has installed boulders and a new set of gates at a local nature reserve in a bid to deter illegal dumping at the location.

The Shaw Road site along the Bohle River was identified as an illegal dumping hot spot by TIDY Up Townsville, a community group that works to clean illegal dumping hot spots.

Council has partnered with TIDY to provide skips, access to waste transfer stations, partnership with Council’s Sustainability Team and strategic assistance from Council’s Community Development Team.

Community Health, Safety and Environmental Sustainability Committee chairperson, Councillor Maurie Soars said the gate and boulder installation would make it harder for irresponsible people to use vehicles at the site.

“When we talk about illegal dumping at sites like the Shaw Road land, we’re talking about large items like cars, tyres and building materials being dumped alongside items like general waste, noxious species and weeds,” Cr Soars said.

“These are large items that often require vehicles to be dumped, so by limiting vehicle access we will hopefully be able to reduce the number of incidents on this land.

“Using boulders to prevent vehicle access has proven effective during our boulder trial at selected local parks, so I’m pleased to see this method being used to prevent littering in known dumping hotspots.

“TIDY founder Dave Dudley and TIDY’s volunteers do a remarkable job tidying up illegal dumping across Townsville, but we want to get to the stage where there is no illegal dumping left for them to clean up.

TIDY founder, Dave Dudley said he and his team saw their fair share of illegal dumping, including entire car bodies.

“This area has been cleaned up continuously during the past two years, but despite this and the fact that it is heavily signposted the reoffending continues to occur,” Mr Dudley said.

“The gating up and bollards that are now in place will assist in preserving this infamous spot for the public and not the pleasure of dumpers.

“TIDY has done this as a project site in conjunction with young people through our connection with Youth Justice. The aim is to restore this site from a ruined prolific illegal dump that has seen everything from domestic waste and trade waste with hundreds of tyres removed to a place where people can go and enjoy a rubbish-free parcel of land as a part of a wider project for the Bohle.”

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