Thursday, April 25, 2024

Throwing shade on COVID

Broken Hill City Council has used the COVID-19 lockdown period to progress its efforts to green the city.

Around 120 new trees have been planted in the Spring months, with the majority going into the ground while the city is locked down, Council said in a statement.

The hardy varieties planted include Callistemon Viminalis (Bottle Brush), Eucalyptus Ficafolia (Flowering Dwarf Red Gum), Jacaranda Mimosifolia (Jacaranda), and Koelreuteria Paniculata (Golden Rain).

Council’s Manager Sustainability, Waste and Works, Kathy Graham, said it was pleasing to see the frustration of lockdown being somewhat offset by the positive progress on tree planting.

“Our planting programme had been in the works for a while, and it’s been great to see it rolled out across Spring,” said Ms Graham.

“The lockdown has freed up some staff who would otherwise be working on other projects and it’s allowed us to really target the planting and watering of new trees.

“The public have told us they don’t want to see anymore large gums planted and we’ve certainly listened to that. and gone with some attractive, drought resistant varieties.

“Lockdown has also given us a chance to remove a few more dead trees and stumps, and locals may have noticed that work particularly around the Brookfield Avenue area.

“There’s still plenty of work to do when it comes to the removal of dead trees however, and we’ll continue to make that a focus,” she said.

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