Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Tech boost for Transperth bus stops

Transperth commuters waiting for a bus on St Georges Terrace can now get up-to-the-minute information on how close their next service is thanks to new smart bus stop technology being trialled.

Installed outside the City of Perth’s Council House, bus stop 10128 is the first of six new information cubes to be upgraded to include a digital display.

“This is an exciting digital upgrade to our bus stop infrastructure, which will now provide real-time updates of bus arrival times on regular timetabled bus services, something Perth CAT bus service and train users have enjoyed for many years,” said WA Transport Minister, Rita Saffioti.

“The addition of these bus stops represents an exciting improvement for Transperth bus patrons, so that they know exactly when the next service is arriving.”

Each InfoCube will continue to show printed details about which routes use the bus stop and timetable information, but will now also incorporate a digital display that uses GPS tracking technology installed on the bus to show real time arrival information for all services using the stop – updated every 15 seconds.

The digital display can also be used to display real-time messages on any unexpected delays encountered due to issues like unusual levels of traffic congestion and road works. 

Vision impaired commuters will also be able to push a button – outlined in braille – to have the arrival information read to them.

Each smart bus stop has a low power requirement and will be connected to solar power where possible, providing its own independent power supply. The new displays will be installed in high-traffic locations around the CBD.

The first digital bus stop display was developed and funded by the PTA and the next six stops will be funded by the City of Perth.

The Public Transport Authority are developing a similar trial for the upgrade of the Perth CAT bus service stops, which will see a further seven digital displays installed on the Perth CAT bus routes in early 2022.

A wider planned rollout of the technology will be considered subject to the results of the trials.

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