Monday, June 24, 2024

SmartNSW Masterclass: powering smart public spaces

NSW councillors and council staff are invited to join the next SmartNSW Masterclass to unlock the Power of Smart Public Spaces. 

Date: Thursday, 16 November, 9.30–11.45am | FREE
Location: Online.

Public spaces are the foundation for public life and the heart of great places. They create connections between our homes and high streets, transport hubs and places of work and study.

Great public spaces encourage us to stay, connect, play and participate – generating vibrant, inclusive communities where people can get outside and get active. 

The Covid-19 pandemic demonstrated the strength of public space in connecting people, Country and community; and in caring for our health and well-being. These public spaces, as small as our laneways, or as large as our green open spaces, libraries and cultural spaces, need to be places with meaning for our communities. 

This SmartNSW Masterclass will demonstrate the role of technology and data in: 

  • creating great public spaces that connect, engage, excite and include the community.
  • measuring place outcomes, to demonstrate the value of place activation and support decision making and investment. 

This is a special masterclass delivered as part of the Power of Public Spaces Program, a collaboration between the NSW Government and Macquarie University.


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