Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Sludge-sucking truck to clean up street flooding

A state-of-the-art truck that can suck 6,000 litres of mud from clogged drains is Blacktown City Council’s latest tool to remove drainage obstructions and minimise street flooding.

Mayor, Tony Bleasdale OAM said he was proud Council was deploying the latest technology to deliver maximum benefit for residents.

“It’s called an inductor truck, and its powerful suction hose will improve capacity to remove mud and debris from deep within drains and pipes, and reduce street flooding,” he said.

“This will also limit litter and pollutants entering our natural waterways and help make them cleaner.

“I’m proud that our team is adopting new tools to provide a cleaner and safer environment for residents,” said Mayor Bleasdale.

The new truck is a Cap Combi 2600 CL, built on a Volvo FE320 6×4 chassis, and will replace Council’s existing truck which uses earlier technology.

Its suction hose can extend 50 metres to access hard to reach places; and blast water to clear debris such as rubbish, mud and leaves that often block drains.

Council staff are currently being trained to safely and efficiently operate the vehicle so they can achieve best results, the Mayor said.

The team inspects and maintains drainage pits and pipes on a regular basis to ensure the drainage network is free of blockages.

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