Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Shoalhaven council earmarks properties for sale

Shoalhaven residents are being invited to provide feedback about properties identified for potential sale as part of Shoalhaven City Council’s Land Sales Strategy.

The Council has resolved to sell nine properties of land immediately and proceed with the investigation of another 15 properties that could include rezoning or reclassification to enable their sale.

All properties identified for potential sale are considered as underutilised and surplus to the needs of the Council and community, based on its current and potential use, said Mayor, Amanda Findley.

The move followed the consideration of options for future financial sustainability at Council’s January meeting.

“We are eager to hear from residents about any of the properties listed for potential sale to assist in the investigative work that’s being done to determine if they are suitable for sale,” the Mayor said.

“While some properties endorsed by the Council will be placed on the market soon, others could take months or years to go through the necessary review process before they can be progressed any further.”

Council is currently responsible for managing more than 3,100 lots across the Shoalhaven region, of which 1,700 are classified as operational land. Operational land is able to be sold and community land would require reclassification to be sold at any time in the future, the Council said in a statement.

Information about the property sales program is on the Shoalhaven Get Involved website and includes an interactive map of the properties for sale and those to be further investigated and potentially rezoned or reclassified to enable sale. It also includes land suitable for future strategic land use and maintained by Council.

Land valuations will be carried out by professional Property Valuers and property sales will be managed by independent real estate agents who will engage in a competitive sales campaign to ensure the best sale price, Council said.

Feedback can be provided to Council via the Shoalhaven Get Involved website.

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