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Discover a cost-effective option for large pest control jobs


Discover a cost-saving solution that works three times as fast on rodents.

Selontra offers superior performance – working three times faster on rodents than standard baits. Plus, it has stop-feeding technology for reduced bait wastage that ensures significant cost savings.

Designed with a non-anticoagulant active, which is neither persistent nor bio accumulative, Selontra is also four times more appealing than standard baits.

An ideal solution to use around birds, as they are 50 times less sensitive than rodents to the cholecalciferol active. This makes it the responsible choice when there is a risk of secondary poisoning.

Selontra also contains safeguards to help prevent accidental human consumption, including a warning dye and the bittering agent Bitrex®, which is used in a concentration that is undetectable to rodents but acts as a human taste deterrent. This ensures that Selontra is a responsible and effective choice in controlling rodents.

Selontra can be used in and around domestic homes, industrial, commercial, and agricultural buildings, animal houses, farms, wharves, public service buildings, hospitals, food processing facilities, abattoirs, transport vehicles (including ships), around grain terminals, storage areas and fence lines (including perimeter fence lines).

Target rodents with the greatest confidence

Selontra® Soft Bait targets rodents and nothing else. Limit the likelihood of adverse exposure to pets, livestock and wildlife by choosing the best option for both rapid pest control and minimal risk of secondary poisoning.

  • Extremely palatable soft block formulation
  • Rapidly metabolised, naturally occurring active ingredient
  • Softer non-target toxicity profile when compared to anticoagulant baits

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