Monday, June 17, 2024

Paving the way for sustainable waterways

An innovative new pavement project is helping to protect waterways in Yarra.

The initiative, which sees City of Yarra Council crews using high infiltration permeable pavement to cover sections of Rutland Street’s parking bays, is being supported by Sustainability Victoria’s Sustainable Infrastructure Fund, in partnership with the University of Melbourne.

Council says the pavement compound is made from around 70% recycled tyres – diverted from landfill – which have been sourced from a Victorian facility as well as recycled glass and rock particles to give it the strength needed to sustain the weight of cars and other vehicles.

“The pavement allows stormwater to pass through it, filtering the water of pollutants before entering our drainage network,” Council said in a statement.

“It also retains moisture within the soil, which can then be used by surrounding trees and plants, encouraging more growth and combating the impacts of the heat island effect.”

Council says the paving work has been completed as part of a trial that will monitor the benefits for newly planted trees, the long-term durability of the pavement and potential improvement of waterway health including reduction in quantity entering downstream waterways.

For more information visit Sustainability Victoria.

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