Thursday, April 25, 2024

Parramatta Mayor calls for voucher extension

City of Parramatta Lord Mayor, Bob Dwyer is calling on the NSW Government to extend its support for businesses in the Sydney CBD to those in Parramatta, who he says have also taken a big hit during the pandemic.

Mayor Dwyer said the $50 million ‘Thank God It’s Friday’ scheme to encourage people back to the Sydney CBD excluded thousands of businesses in the Central River City, the engine room of the NSW economy.

“Parramatta is facing the same challenges as the Sydney CBD in welcoming back the workforce, and our restaurants, cafes and entertainment venues have been feeling the pain,” Mayor Dwyer said.

“It is only fair that our local businesses are afforded the same support, and NSW residents are given the same incentive, to inject some much-needed cash in one of Australia’s fastest growing regions.

“Western Sydney and Parramatta deserve a fair go.”

Mayor Dwyer said construction of the new Parramatta Light Rail had also affected many businesses in the Parramatta CBD, “without recompense from the NSW Government”.

“Projects such as the Parramatta Light Rail, Powerhouse Parramatta and Metro West are going to be game-changers for our growing City once they are complete, but until then we need to make sure our local economy not only survives but thrives.”

“I call on the NSW Premier and Treasurer to expand the latest $100 voucher program to the Parramatta CBD and show that they care about Sydney’s west,” he said.

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