Tuesday, May 28, 2024

One-way traffic for Inverloch shared path

Bass Coast Shire Council has endorsed the preferred option for the proposed Surf Parade Shared Path in Inverloch.

The option of a one-way road and full parking provision between Ozone and Goroke streets was endorsed following consultation, the Council confirmed today.

Mayor, Clare Le Serve said Council’s decision on a preferred option allows for planning to occur with view to constructing the final 550-metre stage of the Surf Parade shared pathway.

The decision is in line with Council’s Tracks and Trails Strategy and intended to form part of a future link for a continuous path between Wonthaggi and Inverloch.

“This is an exciting step towards realising an outcome for a long-awaited, important piece of infrastructure for both the community and visitors, which will give them the opportunity to enjoy walking and cycling trails in one of the best parts of Victoria[AC1] ,” Mayor Le Serve said.

“The final stage of the Surf Parade shared pathway is expected to be widely used by Inverloch residents and visitors and provide safer pedestrian access to the popular Inverloch Surf Beach.

“We acknowledge the concerns raised by the community on the endorsed option and council officers will monitor traffic once the intended construction has been completed. There is also potential for Council to undertake further treatments to mitigate any traffic impacts caused by the change, if necessary.”

The preferred option which was endorsed by Council today.

Last year, Council presented two options for Stage 3b of the shared pathway and asked the community to select which option they preferred. The first option allowed for parking and one-way traffic on Surf Parade, while the second (pictured, above) retained a two-way traffic flow without any parking.

“We had 616 people complete the survey with a with a result too close for a clear outcome,” the Mayor said.

“Traffic modelling, undertaken by independent experts, cited that Option 1 offered the most benefits to the community, while advice from the Department of Energy, Environment and Climate Change that only options outside of the coastal reserve would be approved. Both options identified improved safety outcomes for all road users.

“This decision allows for the commencement of the statutory process required to make the section of Surf Parade one way,” she said.

The endorsed option will now go in to the 2025/26 budget process to consider funding the required amount for construction.

Stage 3b of the Surf Parade shared pathway is expected to be complete by 2026, subject to funding.

For more about the project: www.engage.basscoast.vic.gov.au/surfpde.

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