Tuesday, March 5, 2024

New LG design review manual released

The NSW Department of Planning & Environment says a design review of developments across local government will be more consistent, robust and clearer thanks to a new manual released today.

NSW Government Architect, Abbie Galvin said the new Local Government Design Review Panel Manual (LGDRPM) provides advice on how to establish, manage and participate in a design review panel convened by councils.

“The effectiveness of design review relies on consistency of process at State and local levels. While we have a very clear process for state significant projects through our State Design Review Panel run by Government Architect NSW, local government processes can vary,” Ms Galvin said.

“Industry feedback indicated that consistency, timeliness, and clarity of advice differs from panel to panel and council to council. The manual will support councils with existing panels, or those looking to set up new panels, by describing what should be expected from the design review process for all types of development and participants – applicant, consent authority and panel members.

“Streamlining these processes means we will have better design outcomes for new buildings and developments, which leads to increased social, environmental and economic benefits for our towns and cities.”

The LGDRPM was developed following consultation with councils, industry and the community, and complements the existing Apartment Design Guide.

For more information, visit: planning.nsw.gov.au/design-guidance

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